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Jill G. on December 09, 2016

We were so happy to have found Victoria! She is very professional and easy to work with. My daughter loved going to her lessons and I enjoyed Victoria's gentle approach and patience. She inspired my daughter, we look forward to booking again with Victoria!


Kevin S. on November 14, 2016

Victoria does a great job of tailoring the lessons to your goals and interests. She is a good vocal teacher, but the best thing is her great depth of knowledge about the music I actually want to play, and where it came from. There may be other options out there for some specific technique , but Victoria does an amazing job at helping me become a better a musician.


Abreanna T. on July 24, 2016

Victoria is really great with my 7 year old. We are just trying to cultivate her voice at this time. My daughter likes to "back seat" sing right now and I just want her to have the confidence to sing out loud and Victoria is doing a great job with her.


Moe O. on May 16, 2016

She was very patient with me and she had a lot of great advice. Very welcoming and understanding. Knowledge of techniques and posture were very well said. I like how she gave me homework so I can do and practice until next time.


Jacqueline N. on April 27, 2016

Victoria is a great instructor. She had me playing from my first lesson! I enjoy working with her and have learned a lot in just the few lessons we've had. I highly recommend her.


Rachel J. on March 25, 2016

Victoria is an awesome teacher! Very patient and friendly and her instructions and advice are clear and helpful. She was also very understanding when I got sick and had to reschedule. Loved my first two lessons and I plan to schedule more!


Alain N. on March 03, 2016

Great Teacher.


Linda H. on February 26, 2016

Victoria is very talented on the violin and shares her enthusiasm with the student! I have enjoyed my lessons!


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you have done for our school for the past two years.

Coming to our school and providing private lessons for our students not only enhanced our curriculum but was a great gift for our students and their parents. You went above and beyond with your time and talents.

You are a great asset to our school family.

I hope other schools in the area embrace what you have to offer.

Have a great summer!

— Shelly S. / The Tesla School


Ms. Victoria (as my kids call her) is a wonderful music teacher.

The qualities that stand out are her confidence, patience, thoroughness, & ability to care for & encourage her students.

When I asked my daughters their thoughts, they responded:

“Ms. Victoria plays (violin) beautifully. She’s the best violin teacher & lets me rest when my arm gets tired” . . . . . Sofia (6)

“When I ask her ‘Can I start over?’ she lets me start all over” . . . . . Anna (7)

Music comes from her heart and has since she was a child; she basically taught herself the piano. This passion exudes from her & I see it being passed to my kids. I couldn’t be happier with Victoria. We plan on staying with her as long as my girls want to play violin.

— Wendy B.


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