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On Friday night, December 1, 2017, students performed both traditional and popular Christmas songs for a packed audience at the Annual Round Rock Family Christmas Night. Students participating included piano soloists Danielle Mecteaux (Deck The Halls), Anna Behrs (Away in a Manger), Victoria Vujosevic (Jingle Bell Rock), Payton Rutherford (Joy to the World), and Kirti Ganesh (Jingle Bells); a small string ensemble with violinists Sofia Behrs and Shreya Iyers (Violin I), Anna Behrs and Jessamine Worley (Violin II), and Victoria Hammill (Violin III) performing The First Noel, and a vocal group performance of The Twelve Days of Christmas with James Williamson, Aanya Vaswani, Anna Behrs, Saketh and Srija Chodisetti, Nikitha Vittalam, Lila and Leah Lopez, Danielle and Elise Mecteaux, Victoria Vujosevic, Shreya Iyers, and Payton Rutherford.


Victoria & Kirti Students performing The Twelve Days of Christmas

Kirti Ganesh (right) performing Jingle Bells on keyboard. Instructor Victoria Hammill (left) listening.

Santa's Reindeers Anna and Sofia Anna and Sofia Behrs rehearsing "The First Noel"

The Twelve Days of Christmas performed by students.
Front Row (l-r): James Williamson, Aanya Vaswani, Anna Behrs, Saketh Chodisetti, Nikitha Vittalam, Lila Lopez, Danielle Mecteaux, Leah Lopez, Elise Mecteaux, and Srija Chodisetti. Second Row (l-r): Victoria Vujosevic, Shreya Iyers, Ian Jreije. Back Row: Payton Rutherford

@ Azul Tequila (Dry Creek), Austin, Texas, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

On Sunday, October 29, 2017, Victoria Hammill's students performed at Azul Tequila, an Austin live restaurant / music venue.

Several students dressed in costume, as well as family and friends who dined on Aztec Mexican style cuisine and beverages while listening to each stage performance - among them were several witches, Cruela Deville, a butterfly, a vampire girl, Little Red Riding Hood, a pirate, a skeleton, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Superman, a black cat jaguar, an Indian dancer, a video game character, a 1950's musician, Static Cling Lady, the Little Mermaid, and many more. Approximately 80 guests were in attendence.

Each student gave a live solo piano or violin performance, with the exception of one violin duet performance. Then each performed "Monster Mash" as a group finale piece with the Victoria & Zeta Five Trio:

  • Keyboard (Danielle, Victoria, Payton, and Camille)
  • Violin I (Srisahiti, Linda, Ryker, and Jessamine), Violin II (Sofia, Anna, and Shreya), Violin III (Anna)
  • Storytellers (Elise, Aanya, Kaiya, Lola, Archer, and Ian)
  • The Chorus (Saketh, Nikitha, and Mihika)
  • Drums (Luiz Coutinho), Guitar (Sergio Yazbek), and Richard Horton (Bass)
  • Director (Victoria Hammill)

After the finale piece each student was presented with a Certificate of Excellence and a fresh cut yellow rose, Best Costume prizes were awarded to the "Vampire Girl" and the "Little Mermaid" and then the Victoria & Zeta Five Trio played a 45 minute set with Victoria Hammill (electric violin / vocals), Luiz Coutinho (drums), Sergio Yazbek (electric rhythm and lead guitar), and guest Caleb Rojas (acoustic flamingo guitar).

  2017 Halloween Fun Local Talent Concert

April 2015 was a busy month with two student recitals, which took place at Danny Rays Music, Round Rock, Texas, on Saturday, April 11, 2015, and at Blackerby Violin Recital Hall, North Austin, Texas, on Friday, April 24, 2015; and one student concert at Community Montesorri School, Georgetown, Texas, on Tuesday, April 21, 2015. As in all recitals and concerts, students were awarded with flowers and certificates of excellence for their participation. Below are a few snapshots from the Community Montessori School Violin Enrichment Program concert. (Click HERE to view video samples of the April 2015 student recitals.)

Students demonstrated the correct way to hold the violin and bow, named all parts of the instrument, as well as performed melodies, harmonies, and/or solo leads for Bile Em Down Cabbage, Frere Jaques (a.k.a. Are You Sleeping), and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Elise Hampton, Ethan Yassa, and Lexander Lummer play harmony for Frere Jacques, Bile Em Cabbage Down, and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with violin instructor Victoria Hammill playing melody.

Elise Hampton, Ethan Yassa, and Lexander Lummer

Saira Goraya and Cassiana Lummer play melody for Frere Jacques, Bile Em Cabbage Down, and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with Zoya Dhedhi (Teaching Assistant) playing solo lead.

Zoya Dhedhi, Saira Goraya, and Casianna Lummer

L-R: Victoria Hammill, Elise Hampton, Ethan Yassa, and Lexander Lummer

L-R: Zoya Dhedhi, Saira Goraya, and Casiana Lummer

Zoya Dhedhi plays solo lead with Victoria Hammill on melody and harmony.

Zoya Dhedhi plays solo lead with Victoria Hammill on Melody and Harmony for Bile Em Cabbage Down

Presentation of certificates, flowers, and special chocolate cherry protein bar.

Presentation of Certificates of Excellence, Roses, and Chocolate Cherry Protein Bars

L-R: Zoya Dhedhi, Victoria Hammill

L-R: Ethan Yassa, Lexander Lummer, Saira Goraya, Casiana Lummer, Zoya Dhedhi, Victoria Hammill

Zoya Dhedhi holding red rose and teaching assistant and performance certificate of excellence .

Zoya Dhedhi holding red rose and certificate for excellence for teaching and performance.

Close up of Zoya Dhedhi’s certificate of excellence.

Close up of Zoya's Certificate

Teaching Assistant and Performer, Zoya Dhedhi, holding her rose and certificate of excellence.

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